euphoria 【Android版】
euphoria 【Android版】

Abusing girls in restraint training nasty














When I woke up, I was in a white room that I didn't recognize.
The main character and six heroines were trapped in the white closed room.


Toko reverses the contents of the unreasonable, radical, and immoral behavior and violently condemns the “mysterious voice”. Sudden darkness. Girls screaming.



When filled with white light again, what jumped into their eyes was the figure of Toko detained by a grotesque torture device. A current is passed through the device with a voice saying "Death to those who abandon the game." Toko removes her white eyes and incontinence.



Heroines who scream, cry and sway. However, the protagonist, Keisuke, was amazed at how much Toko was like. Keisuke had a secret.

The urge to destroy women and the desire to humiliate it was a disappointing urge that should not be known to anyone. However, Keisuke's secrets are seen through by cheers. Nemu uses a secret as a shield, and obeys the hero.

“This is a contract kiss” Keisuke is the hero who decides whether he can safely escape from the white room and return to daily life or be swallowed by his dark urge.

[Euphoria] It means happiness in Italian.

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