A perverted police officer drools and is tied up with love juice and rejoices:記事タイトル




Life with a love doll is very satisfying

1. Pleasure

For practice before the performance with a loved one.
You can reach anime characters and beautiful women who are out of reach.
Love dolls do not refuse, although they may be rejected in the real world.
You can get pleasure without betraying your husband or wife.
You can enjoy 3P by mixing boyfriend and girlfriend


2. Partner

As a healing partner when you are lonely.
As a beautiful partner who won't complain
For healing when you have a broken heart


3. Promotional use

As a display for strip clubs and soapland. (Sexy Sex Doll ™ has an example requested by a TV station.)
It has a more realistic texture than a mannequin, so it can be used in boutiques.
As a model at the time of shooting.



Sex Doll

魔女の先輩はあなたを本気で愛したい 名作劇場 これは名作! エロゲーも最近は大人しくなってしまいましたが、 私は好きなので応援したいな〜と...