New summer foley
社会人 趣味 ラブドールをを一生愛し続けます!!

Summer Foley 2

Erotic work of muddy

A square story of love between four men and women who have a crush on each.
These four people seem to be childhood friends.
You can interact with another person while listening to the voices and sounds that your favorite person feels next to you, or you can interact with another person even though you know that there is another person you like.
You can experience such a slightly daytime dramatic and naughty relationship.

The sound creation and the acting of the voice actor are of high quality as usual, so I would like to touch on the content of the play.
It was 3P of 2 men and 1 woman that I felt rare. While the girl side is serving a favorite person with a blowjob, the boy side who likes the girl burns something like a rivalry and pierces her violently. It was very naughty.
(Of course, there are also 3Ps for men 1 and women 2.)

It was carefully crafted and I was very excited to see the girls being disturbed.


Summer Foley 2