An older brother who grew up in a sterile room and did something he couldn't do to his naive sister



I bought it because I was blown away by the sample voice.
I heard CV Cocco's work for the first time
It was too much for my taste.

Whispered by her spoiled younger sister, Voice, she worried and sprouted.
I can't stand my brother if I have such a younger sister.

Situ is also blind, with a ○ innocent younger sister
It combines quite immoral elements.

Rubbing my chest as a massage to my sister who gives me full confidence
Put your finger in the pants of your scared sister and insert it into your aching sister without permission.
I was excited about the sense of immorality that betrayed my trust.
But in the end, my sister who accepted everything was an angel.

Playback ends when expectations are raised for even more erotic development from here.
I heard that there will be an update at a later date, and I am surprised to think that it will be a more divine work.
Personally, the only thing I missed was that there was no ejaculation sound.
I would like to expect that as well.

A work in which my sister is too cute as a whole. My sister Moe would have no choice but to buy it.


Tricking Your Blind Little Sister Into Creampies