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Is JK a delivery health?

Many of the recent works by Mr. Tegra are rather challenging, and there are contents that have a different atmosphere and that only questions can be raised at first glance. (Well, these people will make fashion and build the general public later)

But! Now you can listen to high quality Icharab with peace of mind like the previous Tegra.

There was a delivery health one before, but this one is an idol one. Moreover, it is expected MAX even before listening because it can be

pushed and flirted. The point I would especially like to recommend for this work is Mr. Akino.

Akino-san is a gal idol, and I listened to it with such a prejudice, so there was a gap.

Although I'm usually an idol at JK, it's for money, but it's natural to be nervous because I'm a man's naughty thing as a delivery health, and that kind of tension has been fully conveyed. The other man is a fan of himself, and as he is kind and does naughty things, he likes men, which also fuels the superiority complex of the listener.

I think that many people in the world think that it is too precious to get involved with pushing, but if you encounter such a situation (even if it is 500,000 yen, rather 500,000 yen for pushing and overnight together. If possible, the cheaper one?) Absolutely, the reason will collapse and such an idea will turn into a tower on the sand.

If possible, I would also like to hear the story of the two who became lovers. Hopefully, I'd like to make a series and listen to everyday scenes and date scenes.

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