Examiners can sexually harass directly
少女 中出し するならラブドール!小さな割れ目にぶっかける

The Imperial Gatekeeper

Sexual harassment inspection

Looking at the game outline, I thought it was a mistake, listening to the BGM of the title and laughing ww
I don't think there will be a place to eroticize that game! Moreover, the quality is very high!

At first, it starts with a simple examination, but the number of check items gradually increases, and it gradually overlooks in detail.
The gameplay that makes you feel as if you are doing actual office work is also reproduced perfectly.

However, in that game, I wasn't happy even if I took off the visitor, but since this is just a cute girl and a plump sister, I'm motivated to do a physical examination.

It was a fun game to play normally, so I played it all through and cleared it in a blink of an eye.
I highly recommend it to those who are fans of that game and those who like touch games.