Big elf is overrun by orcs
メスガキ わからせ ラブドールで滅茶苦茶にしてやれ!

Big elf is overrun by orcs:記事タイトル



As mentioned above, he is a little sloppy, and although it looks like a gal, he treats me with a soft attitude.

At the beginning, it was sexual processing from a sense of duty and responsibility, but I was very pleased with the positiveness that I asked myself if I wouldn't do it today.
Also, the request of the hero who is a little metamorphic is drawn with it at first, but in the end it is a cute point to forgive.

This is a personal hobby, but it was very nice to have the baby talk whisper the jargon.

Ear licking has a traumatic atmosphere and is not very good at it, so I think it suits those who like that kind of beginner's feeling. On the contrary, I thought that those who are looking for ear licking would not fit a little.

The Caring Elf Returns a Favor