Adult Doujin Have sex with a plump girl every day in the countryside

Childhood friend is the best

It's a game where you have sex with a girl you're a childhood friend after returning to the countryside for the first time in a while.
The play time is 30 days, but you can etch it right away, so if you just raise the parameters in the early stages, you can do it anytime, anywhere.

It's a dot H simulation game, but the quality is amazing !!
It's really a waste to avoid just dot paintings.
It moves slimy. I can see big screen animations in special places, but that's really crazy.

Aoi Yuka is in charge of the voice of the heroine, and since it is almost full voice, you can enjoy it with your voice.

The content of the lines and etch changes depending on the place and costume, so you can take it to various places and enjoy it, so let's do infinite etch !!!