ahegao porn | Girl raped by a dwarf

ahegao porn | Overrun by dwarves

It is an element required for douujin eroge, it comes out, the character of the heroine is bright, the game is not dull
It is a monster work that these are firmly incorporated.
Because the story is easy to understand and I hate long sentences, I can understand the flow to some extent even if I skip it
Creating a thorough atmosphere! I bought it because I wanted to pull out the picture with a good feeling for the time being
To prevent users from going straight to the save data site
The balance between the etch element and the gameplay is very good.

It's an important etch scene, but it works well with full voice
Good balance, not too long and not too short.
If there is a problem, it must be in the middle of the story
Is it about the fact that the flashback scene is not released?
You can get there in an hour, but the operability is quite new, so it's suitable for PC specifications.
Even if you are confident, you should check the operation with the trial version. It's a pretty light game, though.

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