Ultimate healing with soothing sounds and voices

OshigotoNeiro - Bartender -

Very calm

Like the other reviewers, I bought this work for the inside person, Reina Ueda, and I would like to report that it was really the best.

Of course, the viewing earphones are the final VR3000. Many of you know that it is used as a monitor earphone for kotoneiro. You can hear even the finest sounds.

Since the stage is ASMR bar, Mr. Laila will let you experience various ASMR. From the sound of glasses and the sound of whiskey bottles to the sound of playing cards that you are good at at the end. …… And behind that is Laila's sigh.

This is what the review title "close" means, and by hearing a faint sigh, it seems that Laila is certainly there. it's the best. It feels like Chika Issu Laila.

I listen to it before going to bed and it's very calming. Laila's calm voice seems to permeate her body comfortably … Even if you are looking at this work page for some reason, there is no loss in purchasing it. definitely.